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The Mask

Marie D. Tiger
Marie D. Tiger behind Mask

Hiding, undrcover
The Mask protects
Keeps us safe. Me and Them.
Me from being discovered
Allowing me remote normality
Keeping them assured of it
It serves all of us

When I come home
I hang the Mask on the wall
paint howl sing dance run rhyme
As I leave, I again take the Mask
Old comfortable garment with new colors
tread the streets
Eyes glittering through the holes in the Mask.

The Master

Marie D. Tiger
Marie D. Tiger
The Mask is not my enemy
It is a tool
I have painted it in pretty colors
And I choose to wear it
So I can be in the world
and look appropriate
It is only when I use it
Trying to belong, for real
That I forget what reality is
I don’t remember and wonder
Why I don’t fit, why the Mask
itches and fights me
The Mask is just big enough
to cover what is inside
showing only some of the light
throgh the eye slits
But it is way too small
to be a container
for all that light
A Mask
Not a prison
Requires full awareness of its
bearer. A master, not a victim.
Ever. Again.


The Door

The Mask, 2002, oil on wood, by Marie D. Tiger.

With my brush as my key
I open the oak door
to a magic world
where strawberries still taste
sweet and wild
and colors are so real they can be felt
I paint my world alive and remember!
who I am behind the mask
what is real
and that joy is the only truth.

These Days

I am watching the car lights disappear.
These days I know nothing. I write trivial stuff.
These days I sit down my fears on the porch of my mind. We
sit and watch the weather change, some days we go
and get a blanket or two. Then we sit again.

These days there is a hunger around my heart. I write.
The hunger devours me. I mourn the death that is needed for new life.
I mourn that I looked at the railways with dark desire today.
This yearning is not meant to be soothed. I sit in my heart and understand.
I would rather close my eyes. I don’t.
I sit in my heart and understand.

Sanity turned out to be the old woman
with stinking breath and eyes of wonder.

I love myself much these days.