Seth Godin and Creating

Here, I made this - beginner's cocoa square, straight from the oven.
Here, I made this – beginner’s cocoa square, straight from the oven.

I’m on fire today, but bare with me. I’ve been following Seth Godin’s work for some time now. I like that he is talking about how the results of the industrial revolution are being gobbled up by technology. What I like even more, are the solutions that he is proposing in his blog and his books. They resonate with the freedom lover inside of me.

What I want to mention today, before I finish making cocoa squares with my kids, is what he writes about making art in his blog  Here, I made this and it’s difficult and frightening.

Making art brings everything we are and feel to the surface. The more important it is, the scarier it feels, because it goes to the core of who we are. But if the hard to define feeling “This is what I came here to do” keeps coming back, then it’s time to do it.

Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

“Your art is vitally important, and what makes it art is that it is personal, important and fraught with the whiff of failure. This is precisely why it’s scarce and thus valuable—it’s difficult to stand up and own it and say, ‘here, I made this.’ For me, anyway, writing a book is far easier than handing it to someone I care about and asking them to read it.”

Every time I have produced good work, it is preceded by a firm decision to create, no matter the consequences, whether the work is good or bad. The secret is, creation begets creation, sets the heart aflame, brings on a flurry of impulses that cannot be predicted before the creating is started. Creating always changes the one who dares.

So, let’s make art!

P.S. If you need support with creating your art because of feeling fear, I recommend Ted Orland’s and David Bayles’ book Art and Fear. It’s the best I’ve read.

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