Break-up With Drama

2003, silk color on paper, by Marie D. Tiger
2003, silk color on paper, by Marie D. Tiger

Welcome Nothing
I invite you in.
Have you heard the latest?
I let Drama go, we broke up.
We tried and tried. We had fun together,
it was stimulating, interesting, riveting.
And then there was pain. So. much. pain.

I tried to make it work, I really tried.
When it was sweet, it was so saccharine. Mmmmm.
And that rush – another challenge, another thing to go through,
another thing to win. I felt like a Goddess, again and again.

But lately, it’s just suffering.
And the rush, it feels empty somehow.
There’s just nothing there that is worth it,

So Nothing, I invite you in.
I am that I am. That’s it. This is who I am.
That is it. There’s nothing else.
So I don’t really care if I’ll be bored.
When Drama calls I know that I’ll just breathe.
When I get angry, I will breathe.
When I feel threatened. I will breathe.

There is something beyond you Nothing.
There is something waiting there on the other side of you.
I don’t understand.
But I’m willing to breathe deeply
for the rest of my life,
I’m willing to be bored out of my mind,
I’m willing to trust myself beyond all reason and just breathe.
And allow whatever it is that comes next.

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