The WTF-Principle

The WTF-principle, by Marie D. Tiger in the thought book 2014.
The WTF-principle, by Marie D. Tiger in the thought book 2014.

I used to be so afraid of this. Turning up as the leader of a workshop, talking, sharing, leading art making and then – seeing the WTF-sign lifted in the audience.

These days I see it from a different view point.

Last year I was talking to a friend of mine. We were lamenting difficult challenges in our lives, as we sometimes do. As I was talking about feeling stuck and not connecting with my audience, I suddenly realized something. By picking and choosing, which parts of myself I wanted to show to the world and which aspects of myself were too weird or scary and had to stay locked away, I was creating a distance all around.

First, I couldn’t completely stand behind what I was doing, because I knew I was hiding.

Second, I was too weird for the people I was trying to cater to, even though I cut off half of who I was.

Third, the people I really, really, really wanted to connect with couldn’t recognize me, because I was only showing fragments of who I was.

Can You See Me Now? In the thought book 2014 by Marie D. Tiger.

So now, going in front of a crowd, seeing the WTF signs pop up, I know all is well. Being who I am, I am free to connect with others where they are. There is a wilderness of animals living in my head, jumping on to the page and all is well.

Are you censoring yourself, because you think you might freak someone out?


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