Taming the To Do List


This morning I was feeling pretty much like this picture. Do you ever feel like this?

When I came back from taking the kids to school, I went straight to my Dragon’s Lair, that’s starting to come along pretty nicely. I moved things around, taped a new series on the board in preparation, drew myself into my core again.

Twenty minutes.

Not much time away from the To Do List, but time enough for clarity.

Where does your clarity live?

6 thoughts on “Taming the To Do List

  1. My clarity lives in journaling, creating emotional mind maps and talking things out….
    Once I clear my emotions, I’m ready to dive into things that I truly love such as art, music, reading, watching comedy and more…
    All the best,

    1. Hi Eren,

      Your comment came with me yesterday, in my thoughts. I love how you describe where your clarity lives and how clear you are on what to do first and what next, after the emotions are clear. Emotional mind maps sound intriguing, as well, how do they work?

      1. Hi Marie,
        I uploaded to my site an emotional mind map that I made a while ago when I masterminded with a few ladies a way out of my fear of setting BIG goals and the consequently burning out. It actually took 3 pages of notes to finally get all the ideas written down but I’m linking to just page 1:
        Hope this helps illustrate how it works. I do emotional mind maps every day mostly by myself but when I’m really stuck in shifting the feeling through reframing the thoughts, I ask others to help me.
        I have white paper and markers next to my computer to clear my emotions out…

        1. Hi Eren,

          Thank you for illustrating this so beautifully! I really appreciate it and your emotional mind map that you shared. I immediately made my own, on self-love in action, a theme that has preoccupied me lately. <3 Asking others for help is so important and something I'm practising, with a varied success rate, depending on the day.

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