A warm thank you to everyone who took part in the Giveaway. It was a delight to meet so many of you in an e-mail. The five lucky winners have either received their packages or have a nice surprise coming in the mail in a few days. 🙂


Today it’s canvas making day in the studio again. It is unspectacular work.





Work that my mind scorns and scoffs at.

But as I listen to Dan Burke’s music and work, pausing at times to smooth the canvas, feel the gritty fibers under my hand, I think of the customer who will buy this painting and I’m filled with love. I’ve come across so many hastily made store bought canvases lately that twitch, turn, bend and are wonky this way and that. Another outer authority slipping away, the thought that store bought canvases are better made than my handmade ones.


A similar theme is opening up in Taekwondo practice. The repetitive basic moves that we practice over and over again, are blossoming into surprisingly firm kicks, swift turns and an agility I haven’t been used to in my body.

I’m thinking, what if I approached all everyday phenomena in my life, especially routines with this fresh attitude? What if I were an attuned, humble and awake beginner, filling the dishwasher? Taking the kids to school? Gathering the materials to my book keeper? If I were to appreciate the moment, my moment, enough to really be aware of what I’m doing and that I can choose the quality of the moment?

So, I’m back to tightening, stapling and turning – knowing that the painting born on this canvas will be quality, through and through. When I paint, I feel as if I’m channeling the feeling tone of my being onto the canvas and my deepest hope is that my paintings may be there in a small way as a support to you, while you work toward your dreams.

What are the foundations of your life, what are the basics you are practising?


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