There is one thing that I have  been encountering this spring in both myself and in discussions with other Dreamers. It seems that there is an expectation that living your dreams is somehow easy. And that if a dream disappoints, or following it brings with it challenges or hardships, the dream is somehow faulty or wrong and has to be exchanged for another, or vilified.

Well, here’s the thing. This. Is. Not. Easy.

And I don’t think there is anyone on the face of the Earth, ever, who has found that living true to a dream or several of them, is an easy thing.

Living your dream may be carting bulky, unwieldy things while sweating like a pig and looking stupid, just because they fit your budget and it means you can offer more value in a workshop.

Living that dream may mean sleeping in the living room to give kids their own rooms, because you know that the tender balance of dream vs economy could not handle the extra intrusion of a mortgage.

Answering the call of the muse may mean getting up at five, three weeks after giving birth, to get forty-five minutes of writing done at the local café before the baby wakes.

Loving your craft, your art, your business or your whatever Dearest Vision means being willing to face your fears, doubts and resistance; opening up wide to the unknown; pouring in your time, money, focus and passion into it in order to solve yet another elusive puzzle.

It means you jump into yet another transition and accept the shifting grounds of reality so you can create more deeply, more authentically, more fully that which is burning inside of you.

You need to be willing to surrender to what is growing inside of you and to the changes it demands of you.

From the outside it may look like people who follow their dreams are driving on a highway, with a clear map they’re using for navigating all the crossroads.

“Easy for you, you’ve always known what you want.”

This is just not true on an experiential level. At first there is just the elusive calling, sometimes there, sometimes not. You have to persistently seek those clues, look for the YES! in things. And then you have to, you just have to dare take the steps.

Do you know what the hardest thing is? It is not taking that leap; getting married, getting a new job, going to study something new. Although those decisions may be agonizing and scary, what is much, much harder is doing something, each day, to express your dream. To write those words, today, tomorrow, the day after that. To do something when you’re still crap at it. To practice. To dare show up, human, unfinished, imperfect and still express what is inside of you.

When you start doing that, creating something every day. That is when you start living the dream. That is when your dream can start teaching you about its hidden soul.

Following your bliss is not blissful all the time. In fact it can be terrifying and really really crappy, downright boring and disappointing. That’s part of it. Doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Just means you’re on your way.

So. What can you create today?