An update, at long last

Hi there,

A lot has happened, since I last wrote.  I felt called to create a new website.  It’s a longish story, but before I dive in, I wanted to thank you for following this adventure into the life of an artist. I appreciate you. <3


When we last met, I was deep in motion, painting the series of the Skin of self-compassion. That collection is now painted and ready to exhibit, once a gallery is found. Shortly after the last blog I wrote here, I was very ill with pneumonia and got transported into yet another level of self-compassion. Without deep breaths, I had to rely on my feverish mind and the kindness of my family who took such good care of me.

When I got well, I painted my lungs who are such a good friend of my heart.

Your lungs hug your heart, 135x140cm, mixed media on canvas 2016.

Becoming a professional artist

Being so ill, I started realizing that artmaking had become work. It used to be that making art filled me with energy and bliss. Painting full time changed that. I found myself becoming very thirsty for a different kind of sustenance, while I painted. I longed to understand how other people did this as work and started looking for mentors, artists, those who have come before me.

I also started to be aware, that painting like this, I would not have enough energy to do coaching full time. Something had to give.

Turning the dream into a job

That is where you find me now, writing this. I have been studying at Heart of Business for about nine months. I’m learning to lean into God, listen to my heart and build a business authentically. This is what I have been looking for, all these years, having a business.

It is slow going, there is so much re-wiring to do.

Feels like one of those things that are worth it, though.

I would love it, if you would join me at my new site where I work with strong and sensitive people who yearn for beauty, kindness and healing.

And even if you don’t, I want to thank you again for reading my musings all this time as I was working on articulating and bringing out what was waiting to come through.

With love and appreciation,