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Update about Living the Dream and a Giveaway

Today I wanted to write an update, about life in the studio. Since my decision to take the leap and prioritize artmaking, in late December, life has been an intense adventure. Living from my core, there is no anesthetizing, protective layer between myself, my dream and life anymore.

Hanging out in the core, in the thought book, by Marie D. Tiger.
Hanging out in the core, in the thought book, by Marie D. Tiger.

This has required extraordinary care in drawing boundaries to protect both my studio time, the tenderness of opening up widely to make art each day and also my leap of faith from the fears and doubts of well-meaning people around me.

Working in the studio has taught me new things about my chosen work. It is physical, involving building, swearing, sweating, wrestling with canvas, being coated in grime and color, working ahead always in trial and error. Translating emotion and energy into color on canvas is fascinating, at times painful as the feelings wash through me as a force of nature and it also involves a lot of interaction. Smearing acrylic color on canvas is a lot like communicating, each individual action produces a change in the whole system – often surprising changes. And no undo buttons – only the keep going one.

The biggest unfolding, perhaps, has been the sheer amount of love, both in my own artmaking and in the workshops where I teach the making of core art. I am learning that painting can also be a practice of self-love. Accepting and even more allowing the creation to be what it is, being able to encounter what I create; how it looks, what it feels like, what it says is a potent experience that some days leaves me and those I teach gasping.

Big Dreams, by Marie D. Tiger in the thought book.
Big Dreams, by Marie D. Tiger in the thought book.

My biggest joy is that for the first time, in the ten years that I have been an entrepeneur and business owner, everything is flowing. You, my beautiful darling customers, have been in touch, come to my studio and bought my paintings. I am deeply honored and moved, to be allowed to sell you these paintings, painted from my core to yours.

Since I was thirteen years old, I have felt this wordless urgency, to expand, to find myself, to be myself fully so I can participate in the world. Now I feel I am at the center of my reality, able to be of true service, just being who I am. I want to thank you, all, deeply, for following this adventure and for being who you are.

As a thank you, I am having a celebration for my blog readers. If you want to take part, please send your postal address to mariedtiger@hotmail.com before the 31st of March, please write Celebration in the subject line. Your addresses will not be used for any other purpose than sending this giveaway, if you’re the lucky winner. 🙂 I will draw five winners of all who participate and send the winners an artful surprise from my print inventory.

So, an exuberant Hello There, from my studio to where ever you are. You are seen, you are loved, you are part of something beautiful, just by being you.

P.S. If you want to follow my day to day musings and work in progress, you can do it on Instagram.



What a Week!



This week I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams. Nineteen years ago I had a dream that I could live a life of art and share it with my soulmate. I wanted work where I could dance, paint, draw, write, sing, work with people and be as free as possible. For an eighteen year old, the dream was raw and real. Completely unrealistic and unattainable, according to official reality.




On Thursday I started a series of Dream Workshops at Made by Helsinki, where we entered into Play Space in order to look for The Dream of the moment, let it arrive and enter in its own pace. After the workshop I took inventory of my life right now, the amount of art I’m able to make, coach, teach, participate in. The freedom and space that everyday life enables right now.


The new people and kindred spirits that life brings my way all the time, are a blessing.

All dreams are outrageous in some way, that is why they fire us up on such a deep level. But this is also why they can bring such change to our lives, form our reality in a way that makes value fulfilment, practising idealism and aliveness a fact.



On Friday, I participated in Kulturkarnevalen 2013 with my lovely collegues from Sluta Panta and met a bunch of inspired, creative, deep thinking young people.

Sitting in the dark, giggling our way back from Lovisa with our lovely team, I felt grateful for all the richness of life. To be able to work in so many heartfelt, meaningful and creative projects, to be able to work with super people and make art every which way, is a dream come true.

So today, although I’ve been drawing minimally, I just wanted to share the power of dreams and long term choices, made every day in the midst of the flurry of every day things – they do carry us and lead to a life worth living.

A warm hug to all dreamers out there. <3