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Just Start

The truth is, I’ve come to notice that most days I arrive at the studio in a bad mood.

Back when I took my first steps, Dreaming Big, this would have been anathema to me. I thought dreams, realized, meant everything was perfect. These days, I believe more in an embrace everything and be alive kind of combo.

There always seems to be a good reason for the ornery thoughts and a rubble of legitimate obstacles why creation will not be possible in the now. It was only today, starting out, that I realized the reasons really do not matter. Nor do the emotions roiling around inside of me. When I make my crickety, reluctant and bitch-all-the-way transition into Play Space, the variety of inside content becomes pure phenomena, movement, the stuff of creation.

A place to start.

No need to wait for inspiration. No need to classify, analyze or understand what is happening inside.

Just start.


Progress pictures of acrylic on canvas "Crumbling Perfection" 80x60cm, 2015.
Progress pictures of acrylic on canvas “Crumbling Perfection” 80x60cm, 2015.

Then something starts happening.

Where are you starting out your creation today? What inner phenomena can you dance with [whether it’s comfy or not]?