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Being an Intuitive Sensitive Type


This is created by the wonderful Caroline van Kimmenade at Thehappysensitive.com
This is created by the wonderful Caroline van Kimmenade at Thehappysensitive.com

A few weeks ago Carrie Klassen kindly mentioned the About page here on the blog on the Facebook page of Pink Elephant. Their stuff about doing marketing writing in a heartfelt way is great, by the way.

Then Caroline van Kimmenade contacted me about doing an interview. She works with Sensipreneurs, sensitive types and empaths who run their own businesses. I was honored to be asked and enjoyed our work together.

Too often sensitive people are told that they think too much, feel too much and are generally weird and wrong. People who do not experience life this way, often have a difficult time understanding that we cannot not feel. It is not an option.

The good news is that as sensitive intuitive types, we have a finely tuned guidance system that will immediately tell us when we’re on the right track, or when some further clarification is needed. This is available to us when we learn to decode the signal that our emotions really are.

Caroline has some fine steps for this here. I appreciate her take on being a happy sensitive. Although it can feel completely impossible, it is actually highly probable, once you learn to take care of yourself.

My own quickie awareness serum is:

  1. Go somewhere quiet (bathroom works usually, except if you’re at home with small children)
  2. Take a glass of water.
  3. Breathe, ask: What do I need now? What is happening in my body? Which feelings belong to me?

I hope you enjoy the interview, that you can find here and maybe you find a new kindred spirit in Caroline. I know I have.

How can you take excellent care of your tender self today?






The M-Word


The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee. Highly Recommended.
The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee. Highly Recommended.

The Marketing Challenge

Do you ever feel challenged by marketing? I used to, all the time. So I decided to charge right in and learn everything I could about it. I signed up for this Business School for Creatives class here in Finland about a year ago, to see what all the fuss was about and how I could learn to market my business. The process of learning to make product/service packages, learning to sell and market has been as much an internal one as an outer one.

So much about selling my services and marketing them authentically brings up issues of shame, boundaries, daring to be who I am and showing it openly. Today I will make some decisions about my business plan and then send them in. The deadline was yesterday, actually, but I cut my hand opening a bag of avocados [the latest bit of self-sabotage?]. So I’m typing one handed today.

I wanted to write this blog post to share some resources that have helped me deal with the issues that have been left out by the business school.


Resources for artists, coaches and tender hearts

For instance, Chris Guillebeau‘s The Unconventional Guide to Art and Money is invaluable for anyone wanting to create an online presence as an artist. I’m reading it for the third time now and there is still new stuff to learn.

Carrie Klassen’s workbooks for homepages that your clients will love have helped me connect meaning and marketing and express those insights in writing. Highly recommended for all tender hearts who want to make a difference.

Molly Gordon, as a coach and writer, has helped me throughout my life as an entrepeneur. She has made an impressive career, so browse for yourself. I especially recommend her newsletter, her one on one coaching and The Way of the Accidental Entrepeneur.

Right now I’m reading The Coaching Business Jumpstart Self Study Course byRebecca Tracey + Ellen Ercolini. The material is great.

Last but not least, Tad Hargrave at Marketingforhippies is authentic and knowledgeable, especially about niching. His approach may surprise and delight you. Did you know your deepest challenges and hurts could actually build the core of your niche? This video always makes me laugh, cringe and say: “Ohhhh, yeah.” then go define my target market even more specifically [still working on it. I like pancakes.]


Back to work

I wonder if I’m done procrastinating today’s to do list now? 😀 Anyway, I hope this can support anyone out there, struggling with marketing, meaning&making a living as much I am. Do you have any favorite marketing resources to add to the list? What helps, when you’re struggling?


[P.S. Mental note to self, when opening a bag of avocados, thinking stressful thoughts, use kiddie scissors.]

Creativity – the most important, the least important of all things


Today I was watching Mad Men, a tv-show about an advertising agency and so much more. Their firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is going under due to a series of unfortunate events and money is scarce. Donald Draper, the head creative, puts a whole page ad in the New York Times as a clarion call of sovereignty.

This episode went deep deep inside me, because on a feeling level, I got what the show was about.

In 2004 I started my company, Crealife. I had been doing an Internet workshop by Sonia Choquette, Heart’s Desire, working at a creative workshop for unemployed youth. We had just gotten a new boss, who had very definite opinions of how things should be run. She wanted me to work full time, or not at all. I was working for my grand vision of being a Multidimensional Artist some day, so that was a big ultimatum for me. Writing comes first place for me, I told her. I have to write. Well, you’ll just write your own time, then, my boss told me.

It became more and more clear that having my own company was the way to go. The Heart’s Desire workshop by Sonia just clarified this next step that I had been fearing and avoiding. This prickly strong woman who was my boss is someone whom I still remember with affection. When she noticed my hesitation, she suddenly said: “You can take all the products you’ve developed during your time here with you if you start your own company. I’ll give you a leave of absence and you’re welcome back if you don’t make it.”

Well okay then!

During the last seven years I’ve become a life coach, worked with creative people all around Finland, busted through my art blocks, stepped away from drama in my personal life, given birth to two beautiful crystal kids, and let go of everything that doesn’t work for me. Sounds so neat and packaged when listed off like this, right? In reality it has been a grand and sometimes scary as hell adventure with lots of six a.m. writing mornings.

Despite all the work, all the visualizing, all the marketing and my use of all of my tools, this summer I found myself in the situation of being desperately broke. Very embarrassing for a conscious creator. Sitting here, in front of my computer, with my grand creativity and nothing on my bank account, I felt so ashamed of myself and I definitely thought I had failed both my business and family.

During this summer I’ve walked around Töölönlahti, listening to Nickelback, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and just let go of everything. I let go of myself, my art, my company, my marriage, my children, my friends, my identity, my goals, my visions, my control. Getting back to absolute basics, what is left?

Creativity. The ability and inevitable fact of creating my reality each and every moment I live. The uniqueness everyone’s view on life. Knowing creation happens in the moment, where I am, with what I have. The realization that I’m done censoring who I am, what I really think about life. Recent familiarity with the dread and humiliation of not having enough money to pay my bills or provide for my family has shown me how little I can live on, when needed. How insignificant material things, image, status or how things look to the outside really are.

Letting go of everything, all my mental ties to how I think my life should look, even my desperation and questioning has shown me what is left after all. This moment. Creating this moment, from the power in me right now. Knowing I can handle anything thrown at me. Feeling centered in what I feel, think, sense. Letting it all flow through me, not getting snagged up in the rush.

Creativity is the least important thing, because it is invisible and people around you don’t understand it. There is no proof that creativity works, until it does, which is in the last stretch of a long process. Creativity is the most important thing. It is what decides whether we live a life of default, according to a template given to us by our parents, circumstances, biological facts, or a life of sovereign adventure. Something built by essence. Who we really are.

No matter where you are right now, no matter what happens around you, inside of you, the power to create your life is yours.