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Spinning Head and Self-kindness

Spinning and spinning, in the thought book 2013, by Marie D. Tiger
Spinning and spinning, in the thought book 2013, by Marie D. Tiger.


The perks of being a highly sensitive person, is that when I take care of my needs, life is vibrant, filled with wonder and beauty. Then there are the times when I do the buffet mistake and take too much on my plate. A definite warning sign is when I can’t listen to music anymore, because my brain is too filled with noise. Christmas coming up, I suspect that I’m not alone in this.

So I wanted to remind you that creative people say no and no is a complete sentence.

If you need support in saying no, here’s my admittedly drastic favorite. If you had three days to live, which of the things on your to do list would you do and what would you definitely say no to? 

Wishing you a week of utter self-kindness. <3

Being an Intuitive Sensitive Type


This is created by the wonderful Caroline van Kimmenade at Thehappysensitive.com
This is created by the wonderful Caroline van Kimmenade at Thehappysensitive.com

A few weeks ago Carrie Klassen kindly mentioned the About page here on the blog on the Facebook page of Pink Elephant. Their stuff about doing marketing writing in a heartfelt way is great, by the way.

Then Caroline van Kimmenade contacted me about doing an interview. She works with Sensipreneurs, sensitive types and empaths who run their own businesses. I was honored to be asked and enjoyed our work together.

Too often sensitive people are told that they think too much, feel too much and are generally weird and wrong. People who do not experience life this way, often have a difficult time understanding that we cannot not feel. It is not an option.

The good news is that as sensitive intuitive types, we have a finely tuned guidance system that will immediately tell us when we’re on the right track, or when some further clarification is needed. This is available to us when we learn to decode the signal that our emotions really are.

Caroline has some fine steps for this here. I appreciate her take on being a happy sensitive. Although it can feel completely impossible, it is actually highly probable, once you learn to take care of yourself.

My own quickie awareness serum is:

  1. Go somewhere quiet (bathroom works usually, except if you’re at home with small children)
  2. Take a glass of water.
  3. Breathe, ask: What do I need now? What is happening in my body? Which feelings belong to me?

I hope you enjoy the interview, that you can find here and maybe you find a new kindred spirit in Caroline. I know I have.

How can you take excellent care of your tender self today?






Determination Puts Words on the Page

My spine jumps

with crickets,

morning café au lait in a red cup

with a round lace napkin,


I used to steal writing time,

now I schedule it.

Writing is a way of breathing!

Yet being my own boss
managing my own time
has changed it.

no time no time no time no time no time to write
no need no need no need no need no need


Yet time to write floats behind a barrier of beliefs.