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Inspired Wednesday


I was just sitting, having a morning tea date with the Engineer (sometimes, when we’ve gotten the kids to school, we take a moment for ourselves), talking about a trip abroad that he had been planning. There were some really affordable tickets to the Caribbean, he’d been eyeing.

Then he said, the plane would leave tomorrow and I felt that little inside jump of joy that I feel, when adventure comes near. So I asked him a few questions and the next thing I knew, he was ordering the tickets (there was just one left).

The whole messy kitchen was brimming with aliveness after this. He’s leaving for an adventure, I have the nights for myself to ponder this luminous vein in my artmaking and I feel that Something New come closer and closer.

What would you do today, if everything were possible and filled with ease?

P.S. I have so many things I want to write to you about, but they are deep slow rivers in the wilderness of my imagination and there just seem to be no words. The words I have, I usually write in my Instagram feed, when I post the painting progress of the day. Maybe I will see you there? <3