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The Ability to Stand, Contain and Harvest Tension

Creative tension, 35 x 16 cm, drawn with marker in the thought book, by Marie D. Tiger.
Creative tension, 35 x 16 cm, drawn with marker in the thought book, by Marie D. Tiger.


Sometimes I think such a big part of creativity is the ability to stomach tension.

There is the tension that starts building an hour before it is time to get the kids from school and the meter is running out on work time. There is the pressure of making room for imagination, art and creation, while money is needed, the bills are piling up and responsibility is weighing down on the shoulders. There is the balance between the ideal vision and the messiness, imperfection and humanity of the reality that is born out of the vision.

When you don’t take the sometimes considerable force of this raw energy personally, you can learn to let it all slosh around in your body, keeping the energy moving, letting it all mix together in divine chaos. Then you pour it all into what you are creating.

The ups and downs of creativity, 35 x 16 cm, drawn with marker in the thought book, by Marie D. Tiger.

What could help you keep the tension and energy moving today?

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Self-compassion Opens up Inner Dialogue

Talk to your pain, in the thought book 2013, by Marie D. Tiger.
Talk to your pain, in the thought book 2013, by Marie D. Tiger.


Before I gave birth to both my children, I attended workshops in birth singing. The idea was that when we’re in pain, the instinctive reaction is to clench all muscles, shorten breathing and tense in every way. This makes the pain worse. Inner pain works much the same way. We tense up, focus on what is hurting with the exclusion of everything else and our breathing changes.

Instead, with all inner phenomena, whether painful or merely uncomfortable, why not face it, talk to it, show yourself compassion?

So if, for instance, you’re a business owner paying your bills, and your insides are clenching up, wondering about where your next mortgage payment is going to come from – how about talking a bit with your fear – kindly. You may be surprised at what you hear. Often we imagine that if we face our feelings head on, they will grow or draw something bad to us. Quite the opposite is true.

Feeling what is real in this moment, allows you to move through the feeling, get its message and release the flow, so the feelings can move from one to the other again.

What are you feeling, today?







No words today
Just energy that sweeps my feet

to and fro

A whole lot of body

Wanting to move

A power plant of passion

waiting to be expressed

Music beating the inner walls of my ears

Fingers following the beat on the keyboard

writing nonsense

just for the joy of moving

I am known in this universe

Seen, cherished, felt, with a lover’s touch

Kissed by the soft mouth

of perception

held in the sweet embrace

of serendipity

I surrender to this invitation

although my heart beats loudly enough

to wake my children
Breath caught in the muscles

of my solar plexus

Frightened by the beauty

of tenderness without end or limit.


Feelings Are Good, Keep them Moving

Keep Moving, from the thought book 2013, by MDT.
Keep Moving, from the thought book 2013, by MDT.

This was a challenging weekend. But if I’ve learned one thing, it is that feelings are good. All of them. The trick is to keep them moving, keep moving through them, keep expressing them. The more they move, the less it hurts.

Everyday Art

Broad Brushstrokes. From the 2013 notebook by MDT.
Broad Brushstrokes. From the 2013 notebook by MDT.
What is the use?
why all this art?
why this gregarious soul and
its never-ending flows
of color, music, words, movement?
ambuiguity, hours and hours spent
in imagination
hours that could be spent
having a real job,
bringing home
sizzling, greasy, fragrant
bacon, something to put in the pan
feed hungry mouths with
instead there is one
who would do battle
with the powers of art
draw lines in water
that other adventurers
can follow
to make sense of it all
as many times as it takes
to find the way back
to self.


New World, New Rules

From the thought book 2005, by MDT.
From the thought book 2005, by MDT.

Or just reveling in the flavor of burnt orange? And the music just banging my ears today here in this café?

No. There are steps.
It is like this invisible ladder
that I am climbing here. I know
the steps by feel,
yet they elude my eyes. So I feel my way forward.
Movement by touch.

Recognizing the language someone
is speaking.
Because it licks my heart.
Seeing the colors of someones
typing rhythm and finding the way to contact

It is a new world
and the rules are all different.
There are no
patterns that we can make up for this
experience of living.
There are no cookie cutter
solutions, just experience and
the next step forward.

Flame on water

I do have big dreams still.
There they are inside, buried under all my fear.
                                                                                                                                  Write books, touch the heart of the world, move you.

Share my stories, be seen and heard. Reflect hope for those
who think they are alone, unseen, outside.
Remind those who have forgotten
that their heart is singing to them all the time.
Write from the core,
set the world aflame.

Expand this circle of bliss.
Do it all. All of it. Like the pebble that lands in the water
the circles spreading where they will
Dare again, breathe again, fly again!

and I start now.

The present is my point of power.

Dive in! Sukella siihen! (Omistettu Siirille)

, orange,

Dive in! Sukella siihen! (Omistettu Siirille)(private collection)

Water Color, 2010, size 80x54cm. Play, joy, exuberance, creativity, diving in, jumping up and down of joy because you exist. This painting had waited for its turn for months and started gushing out of my brushes the moment I had gotten the paper fastened. The penguins dove out one after the other with eager joy and intensity. I did my best to stay on top of it all and after the painting was done I was spaced out for sure. The same energy is still in the painting now that I look at it, teehee 🙂 You can buy the card in my Etsy shop.


Doodle by Marie D. Tiger

Creation lives in the moment. This is good news, because it means the present is when to begin being creative. It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, what you have done. All that you have created until now is completely meaningless to creating right now, it doesn’t help you. I find this wonderful, because it takes the load off. This moment is my point of power, meaning the point where I create. Right now I choose if I allow myself to take a moment to draw, to dance, to sing.

How much freedom are you allowing yourself? Are you taking care to love yourself and give free rein to your longing to express something, anything? Or are you creating artificial prison walls by telling yourself that you lack talent, skill, originality, technique, materials, time? The truth is, you begin where you are. This applies regardless of you putting the book down and drawing something, or throwing the book out the window and drawing something in ten years.

There isn’t a good enough reason in all of existence not to create something right now, if you yearn for it deep in your heart.

So, without further ado, look around you for something you can create:

draw with water on the table
mold a napkin
doodle on a page in this book
take a few dance steps
tell your true feelings to someone in the room
love yourself right now
appreciate yourself for something
let a feeling flow
be kind
shoot a rubber band
blow a balloon
blow soap bubbles
do a dance with your fingers
listen to your body
step on a table to look at the world differently
write a love letter or note of appreciation
paint wildly
paint lazily
write a poem
balance a spoon on your nose

What impulses arise in you right now?

Dolphins frolicking in grace, watercolor 65cmx46cm