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Opening, acrylic painting in progress by MDT, 2013.
Opening, acrylic painting in progress by MDT, 2013.

I love how paintings are built gradually, layer by layer. This painting process has been cool in many ways. I have been toning throughout the painting of this and now when I look at the sky, I can sense the star music emanating from the colors.  It is also the first time ever that I have painted the forests of my childhood, and I’m quite pleased with the result this far.

Through this painting process I have realized that everything in my life fits together organically and naturally. All of my interests, passions, jobs, educations, dreams, favorite movies, oddities build the sensitivity and listening that make possible the coming together of my art work.

The most lonesome visions are the ones where nobody can guide you. They can walk along, support, accept you as you are. But there is no helping with the vision, because it unfolds through the most ephemeral leads, weird twists, hard knocks and fortunate surprises. You can never get there, unless you are willing to open up to yourself. Each layer of life, makes possible the next one. If you don’t dare now, you’ll never know what is possible.

Here’s the painting process summarized by three photos. Next, I’m going out to have a Dream Cappuccino, a burger, lots of music and some sun.

What are you working on now?

Studio view, 2013.
1. Underpainting.
Painting process, by MDT.
2. Next phase, colors and texture.
Opening, acrylic painting in progress by MDT, 2013.
3. All the main elements in place.