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Endings and Standing Strong in Emptiness

Endings need time, 29.7 x 21.0 cm drawing, by marie D. Tiger.
Endings need time, 29.7 x 21.0 cm drawing, by Marie D. Tiger.

This June my first ever one year art workshop at my Alma Mater, Inartes ended. It was an amazing process and privilege to be able to support thirteen individuals in coming closer to their artistic core. Rarely have I felt so exactly in the right place while in the presence of other people. The response was amazing.

After the workshop, I walked slowly to the metro, feeling myself arrive at  a huge emptiness. Usually I would have distracted myself, because I dread, loathe and abhor the experience of vacuousness. But, having just heard from my students that I shy away from nothing, no matter how hard, I felt obligated to stay true to myself and hold the same free space for myself.

So I sat there, on the echoing metro station, breathing in wave after wave of harrowing chasms.

Until I felt like giggling. Unpleasant? Definitely. But worse than

childbirth, being a mother each and every day, abandonment, daring to confess my love to the Engineer, overcoming depression, being broke etc ?

I think not.

Just another thing to breathe through.

If you would allow yourself to just feel empty, right now,

and now

and also this breath

and this one

what might you find, on the other side?


You can buy the turtle drawing as prints and as cards. 🙂



A Work in Progress

Studio view, 2013.
Studio view, 2013.

After just thinking about updating the blog for a week, here I am. There is a flurry of orders both from the inside and the outside here. I have taken lots of pictures to the printers, to be processed into printing formats. If anyone knows of a good online printer service, who would be able to produce laminated, soft edged cards (like tarot cards) please let me know.

At the same time I separated all of the still unpainted drawings, got an impatient idea for an acrylic painting and an order for fifty feeling cards. Serendipity took care of some working time, so the only thing you’ll hear from my studio is the sound of music, dancing and painting for the next few days.

What does your creative energy need from you, to flow optimally, freely and enjoyably today?