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To better understand how to make an essay, we divide the whole process into stages. Any complex task becomes much easier when small, but distinct stages of its implementation are highlighted.

  • select the current topic.

The actual topic is those issues whose solution is very important today for you, society, science. Often the teacher gives a list of topics for writing, from which you should choose the most interesting for you.

To simplify the process of implementation, we advise you to choose the topic that you already know. If you already have an opinion on this issue, then this is just great!

  • study the material on the topic.

When writing, you need to actively use evidence, so it will not be superfluous to study the chosen subject. Pay attention to such moments:

  1. What is the situation today, its assessment by scientists, society.
  2. What is the essence, the reasons for precisely this situation.
  3. What will bring the solution to the identified problem, what state should be sought.
  4. What paths have already been proposed for solution?
  5. Think about the manifestation of the identified problem.

We advise you to memorize examples that can later be used as arguments.

  • make a plan.

The plan will help you understand how to start an essay, what to write in the main part, how best to logically prove your point of view.

Content is never written. You can select subheadings if there is such a need.

  • write the entry.

In the introductory part you should indicate the relevance of the chosen topic (just a couple of sentences are enough).

Let us give an example of the justification of relevance: “Today, like many centuries ago, there is a debate about the definition of a great nation, about what exactly makes it great. On the one hand, there is a tendency not to compare, because any attempt by the people to be called great causes a negative reaction from other nations. But on the other hand, evaluations of the achievements of the people are always given, therefore, it is impossible to avoid comparisons or disputes on this topic. ”

The following is a brief formulation of the hypothesis that you put forward:

An example of a hypothesis: It is not our wealth that makes us a great nation, but how we use it.

Here we immediately see the goal of the work – to prove that it is the skillful use of resources that determines the greatness of the nation.

The introduction should not take more than one paragraph.