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Let’s look at the task statement:

“The sources can be used as facts of social life (including media reports), personal social experience (including read books, watched movies), materials of school subjects (history, geography, etc.).”

1. Examples from different subjects are treated as examples from various sources.


– the facts must be clearly related to the idea (thesis) illustrated / thesis / position / reasoning / conclusion; formulated deployed and correct

– the actual side of the response involves the use of statistics; showing specific manifestations of established relationships and relationships; use of examples illustrating specific provisions and conclusions.

Where can I get the arguments?

  • media reports
  • materials of subjects
  • films
  • literature (scientific, artistic, publicistic)
  • statistics data
  • own observations
  • story

Most often, the arguments use a similar plot or a statement that is too general and does not correspond to the status of fact.

For example, in an essay on the topic of socialization or the dualistic essence of a person, people often write about Mowgli (although this is not worth doing because, according to the plot of the book, the child could then live in society, but in reality it is impossible), but in an essay related to the topic economies tend to write about Jobs or Gates.

Note that sentences containing general judgments are also not counted:

  • in the East is the active planting of Western culture
  • global problems in the modern world are acquiring a new, huge scale.
  • An example is the reform of Peter I.

We will deal with “Harry Potter”.

One of the students was extremely surprised that I did not pass on to her the actual argument on “Harry Potter”.

– How so? , – the girl asked me, – we were told at the university course in social studies that “Harry Potter” should be brought, it is suitable for almost all topics!

I do not know what kind of university course on which he gives such advice. But let’s see!


The topic of the essay is: “Economics is the art of meeting unlimited needs with the help of limited resources.”

In the Harry Potter book, Harry had to use potions that he could make from his available resources. It turns out that Harry used economics as a science to understand how a person can allocate resources to make the best potion.

Fine, write like this if you want the argument not to be credited to you.

First, when the author wrote this series, she hardly wanted to convey to you something about economics, law or other blocks of social science. That is, the author’s intention does not coincide with the topic of the essay. This is a good children’s fairy tale, and so it’s referred to the work as to a fairy tale.

Secondly, the argument itself does not illustrate the thesis. Well, he brewed potions? So what? How do we know that resources were limited? And what kind of UNLIMITED needs (biological, existential, and maybe spiritual?) Satisfied with Harry when he brewed the potion? And where did you get that potion was the best? (joke).

So we forget about “Harry Potter” in the argumentation of the essay on social studies. Hence the question, which literature is better to use?

  • scientific (textbooks, works of scientists, etc.)
  • artistic (in the essay it is better to take something from the classics or non-fiction, this does not mean that you cannot use the other. It is possible, but, as they say, be careful.)
  • journalistic